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Standard Appraisal Fees

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 Types of Assignments Completed: Please fax for quote

Single Family 1004/Condo 1073:   (Uniform Residential Appraisal Report / Individual Condominium Appraisal Report)  An interior and exterior inspection of the subject property and an exterior inspection of all comparable sales used to support the value conclusion. This appraisal also describes in complete detail the features, amenities and other common elements found in the project in addition to the information typically developed in residential form reports. It also delineates the number of completed units, units for sale, and for rent both in the subject phase of the project and in the overall development.  

Field Review 2000:   (One Unit Residential Field Review)  The reviewer, based upon a review of the information in the appraisal and that developed independently, will arrive at an opinion as to the reliability of the value conclusion in the appraisal.  


2055 Interior Inspection:   (Desktop Underwriter Quantitative Analysis Appraisal Report) Completed based on interior and exterior inspection of the subject property and an exterior inspection of all comparable sales. 


2055 Exterior Inspection:  (Desktop Underwriter Quantitative Analysis Appraisal Report)  Completed based on an exterior inspection of the subject property and available public record data. 


Multi-Family 1025, 2-4 Unit: (Small residential income property appraisal report dependent on location - market area)


Desk Review:  (Residential appraisal review short form)  within 48 HOURS-TIME


Land Appraisal Report (Form or Narrative): NEGOTIABLE


Final Inspection / Re-inspection 1004D:  FIRMíS REPORTS ONLY fax for quote


FHA Appraisal 1004/VC Sheet:   fax for quote


Property Inspection Exterior 2075:  (Desktop Underwriting Property Inspection Report)  fax for quote


Re-certification of Value-1004D:  (Re-certification of Value Report)  fax for quote


Photographs Only:  NEGOTIABLE


Trip Fee:  $50.00 (Non-negotiable)


Stop Inspection Fee:  $75.00 (Non-negotiable)


Operating Income Statement 216:  fax for quote 


Comparable Rent Schedule 1007:  fax for quote